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"Our goal is simple: to provide individuals with Autism the opportunity to participate more fully in a life they choose. "
           -Beth Shier, Director of Autism Solutions of Ontario

You can access this respectful, medication-free, unique, innovative, simple and gentle program for yourself or a loved one. Contact us today. 

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We strive to reply within 24 hours after receiving an inquiry. You can also call us at (905) 334-8740.

What is our goal?

Think about that...what would that look like for you or your loved one? Would it mean more happy times with family? Do you picture less stress in the morning and more peaceful bedtimes? Do you think how wonderful it would be if your child had a best friend? If you are Autistic yourself, would it feel good to be able to learn to navigate social situations more easily? 

We believe in the unique gifts and talents that individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders possess. We in no way want to "cure" autism. We invite our clients to join us on a journey to learn some tools and concepts that they may find helpful, allowing them to guide us to what works for them. We empower our clients to be who and what they want - not to make society happy, but to make themselves happy.  

We work with our clients and their families one-on-one to give them what they need to attain their goals. Every client is different, and we respect and celebrate those differences. We look forward to hearing about the joys and challenges autism has brought to your family. 

Who can we help?

Simply put, we are able to help neurodiverse individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders. However, our clients come to us with a wide variety of diagnoses including non-verbal Autism, Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, PDD-NOS, Rett Syndrome, and ADHD. Some of our clients come to us without a diagnosis at all - just a "hunch" that something may be amiss and could be better. 

Ron Davis, now 78 and Autistic himself, has spent the past 40 years researching and understanding Autism. Ron is not an academic – his background is in Engineering. He has used his personal experience, his contacts with other individuals with Autism around the globe, and his Engineering skills to thoroughly and logically deconstruct Autism and related neurodiversity.

Who is Ron Davis and how can his work help me or my child?

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He has come to unique and profoundly simple conclusions about how Autistic individuals develop and how they can be helped.

Born a Kanner's Baby, Ron Davis predates the word autism.  At age twelve he was labeled with "uneducatable mental retardation." Between the ages of twelve and seventeen he developed "reasonable receptive language skills", but his expressive language remained at about the level of a three-year-old. At the age of seventeen he was given I.Q. testing and labeled "genius."  This was followed by intensive speech therapy, and at the age of seventeen he began to speak in sentences. He went on to become a successful engineer, artist, and author. 

Ron describes Autism as being “in a void” where he felt like he was everything and nothing at the same time. As the years passed, Ron became aware of the need to figure out how he “came out of the void” and to pass this information on to others. He has successfully done just that, and the result is the unique, innovative, gentle and medication-free Davis Autism Approach Program. Its sole purpose is to provide individuals with Autism the tools and concepts they need to participate fully in a life of their choosing. To learn more about Ron Davis, go to https://www.rdautismfoundation.org/our-story 

What did Ron discover?

Individuals with Autism are not oriented to their environment and their senses are not functioning in harmony. Ron’s most simple yet profound discovery is that being oriented to one’s environment is a necessary precursor for the development of senses that function in harmony. Only when the senses are functioning properly is a person able to develop the concept of self as separate and distinct from others and the objects in the environment. Only then can the individual develop a proper identity which will allow them to participate fully in life.

A fully functioning individual requires a self-identity with a foundation of basic concepts including ideas like consequence and time. Typically developing children learn these through trial and error in early childhood. However, an individual with Autism has failed to learn these concepts through life experience. When these concepts are missing, we see characteristics that indicate the individual lacks full understanding of how they fit into the world. Ron has created a simple, fun, yet powerful process to expose the client to these missing concepts with permanent and meaningful results.

What have others said?

"I understand now why my friends do the things they do!"
            -Paige, age 10

"As I look back, I see that the little changes have added up to a big difference."
            -Annmarie, mother of Alexis, age 11

"His teachers can't believe the difference! He is so focused and they can see now what he has to offer."
            -Sarah, mother of Simon, age 13

"The NOIT device has given our son a foundation he didn't have before."
            -Randy, Father of Tyler, 9

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